Active Team

It is our product range that will protect your foot health by combining latex containing activated carbon and vegetable sheepskin. In our product group, supporting products are brought together with insoles.

Natural Structure

Vegetal Leather and Natural Latex come together to create 100% natural products.

Products Used: Deluxe, Claw Support

PVC Arc Support

These parts, which are produced with Vinyl Chloride raw material, provide the arch support that the foot needs most. It is especially necessary to prevent the problem of flat feet.

Products Used: Full Orthopedic, Half Orthopedic

Heel Sponge

Thanks to its structure developed especially to prevent heel spur problems, the pressure applied to the heel point is felt at a minimum level. In this way, the uncomfortable feeling caused by the heel spur is prevented.

Products Used: Full Orthopedic, Half Orthopedic, Heel Protector


Thanks to the active carbon structure it contains, it prevents bad odors in the shoes.

Products Used: Claw Support, Full Orthopedic, Half Orthopedic, Deluxe.