Blue Gel

It is our brand that has models suitable for use with all kinds of shoes with Memory Foam technology produced with Smartflex Technology that distributes the weight of the body evenly. Our feet carry our body weight all day and when they are not supported with supportive insoles, back, waist, knee and foot pains may occur. We offer solutions to these situations with the products we collect under the Blue Gel brand.

Natural Arch Support

We have developed the arc support, which is an element we pay attention to while developing our molds, to provide support to the user by combining it with memory foam technology.

Used Models: 184, 186, 199

Massage Points

Thanks to the massage points in some of our models, it gives the user a feeling of massage during the walk. These points are also seen as beneficial for users with diabetes.

Used Models: 192, 199

Heel Support

The products we have developed to reduce heel pain, which is one of the elements we consider while developing the molds, help prevent pain thanks to the support in the heel part.

Used models : 199

Thanks to the supportive PU part used in this area,

Used Models: 184


Thanks to these arrows, which are found in many of our models and which are especially taken care of during the development of the molds, the insoles grasp the foot in the best way, especially from the heel part, and give a feeling of maximum comfort.